Alicante Airport (ALC)
Car Parking

(Alicante, Spain)

There are two car parks at Alicante Airport, both of which offer short-term and long-term parking rates. There is space for 1,500 vehicles, while other long-term parking options exist outside the airport grounds.

Short-Term / Long-Term

The two car parks onsite at Alicante Airport (ALC) offer short-term and long-term car parking. One facility is located opposite the terminal entrance and the other car park lies adjacent to the terminal building. Charges are levied every 30 minutes up to the first hour and then hourly up to a daily maximum thereafter; a four day daily maximum applies. Additional days are less expensive.

Remote Long-Term

Several outside companies offer secure long-term parking outside the airport grounds, where prices are lower than those at the airport and free shuttle buses are generally provided for transport to the nearby Alicante Airport terminal entrance.


Disabled drivers can make use of the convenient, reserved parking spaces specifically reserved for the mobility impaired. These spaces are located in the car park situated opposite the terminal. Badges must be displayed and those requiring assistance from the car park to the terminal should call their respective airline ahead of time. In addition, a drop-off point for disabled passengers is located directly outside the terminal entrance.

Alicante Airport ALC

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